Our spirit - Diligence, Dedication, Innovation.

A politician once said, "As heros come and go, people alone are eternal." Likewise, corporate stable development depends on a high-calibre staff and strong cohesion.

The spirit of Aonidisi lies in "Diligence, Dedication, Innovation". People without spirit are walking vacant shells, while an enterprise without spirit is a heap of loose sand. Our staff full of vitality and energy results from the spirit that binds us together. Cradled by the spirit of Aonidisi, we, united as one, are constantly strving to be stronger with strenuous efforts and selflessness.With a srong centripetal force and attraction, these conducts and thinking patterns constitute the important culture of Aonidisi.

Objective: Top-brand of soft beds
Tenet: sleeping envrionment of health, comfort and fashion
Spirit: Pragmaticality, Honesty, Innovation, Enterprise
Mission: To make human sleep more fashionable and healthy
Operation Philosophy : Professional design, dedication to quality and service, expert soft beds
HR Strategy: Bring into full play your intelligence or industry
Working Style: People-orientedness, responsive actions, mutual coordination and common success
Code of conduct of interpersonal relationship: respect, understanding, honesty, cooperation